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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for veterinary practices is a massive topic. We could pontificate for days about the nuances associated with a productive online SEO strategy for your veterinary practice. But the point to be made here is that a veterinary practice who chooses to not pursue strategic and successful SEO for their practice, won’t be around for long. Long story short, in our increasingly online world- if your practice doesn’t have a strong online presence it’s almost as if you don’t exist.

SEO Case Study

These are metrics for a small animal veterinary practice on the east coast. They’ve been with us about a year and a half. We’re sharing this success story with you because it can clearly be seen in the screenshot of their analytics that due to our SEO efforts we have increased the number of users to their site by over 112% year over year.

If you’re serious about increasing the traffic into your veterinary practice- Contact Us Today.

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SEO Case Study

These metrics are from a small animal practice in the midwest. They have been with us just about a year. We have increased the traffic to their website by over 47% year over year. Honestly, the metrics speak for themselves. Without a strategic digital marketing plan your practice will not see the growth that could be possible with a strong online strategy.

If you’re serious about increasing the traffic into your veterinary practice- Contact Us Today.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a beast of a topic to discuss. There is a ton of information available, some good, some not so good. We're here to help you navigate that information while providing the highest quality service and skills available.

Dapper Veterinary Marketing is here to provide our clients with premium, results-driven SEO services. Our team of skilled SEO professionals are ready to fulfill your practice's needs with our customized services.

What Is SEO?

SEO as it's mostly referred is an acronym for 'Search Engine Optimization'. It's one of the major spokes on the wheel of Digital Marketing. SEO is the practice of a combination of what's called on-page & off-page optimization techniques that work together to essentially allow Google (and other search engines) to see the content of a site more easily which therefore allows Google the ability to send more targeted traffic to your website.

SEO as it is known as a whole is considered what we call a 'long term game'. It is meant to be a cornerstone of a long term plan for a practice's online digital strategy.

When potential customers type in keywords to Google, SEO ensures that the keywords most relevent to your practice are known to Google and therefore allows it to direct more relevent traffic to your practice's website because of it.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are what your potential customers are typing into Google (or other search engines) to find local businesses that can solve their problem.

In your practice's case it may be that your potential customer is looking for "local veterinarian" or "dog dentist" or "cat neuter" - the list goes on and on and on.

We could go into the intricaies of long tail and short tail keywords. Or how blog content can help drive potential customers to your site for pet education. Or the importance of integrating chat software on your website for your receptionists to be available.

Or you could pick up the phone and give us a call and let us help get those potential customers into your practice, today.

Why Does My Practice Need SEO?

You want the 'down-to-earth' answer right?

Your practice needs SEO so your practice is able to help more pets everyday.

Without SEO your potential customers & their pets could very well not even know you exist. Literally.

SEO is the cornerstone of an online presence. Without it you are not able to reach the pets that need you.

How Will I Know SEO Is Effective?

Great question!

If it can't be measured - does it even exist? (We'll let the philosophers ponder that one.)

Once we have begun working together we will provide you with a link to a dashboard that you can look at anytime you like, that will show you in real time, the position of the keywords that we are working on for you. This will allow you to keep a pulse on the progress of our SEO work together.

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