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We Help Veterinary Practice Owners Manage Their Practice's Digital Presence & Strategically Market To Their Communities.

Why Us?

We’re rooting for you, is the thing. With Dapper Veterinary Marketing your success is our success, and because we’ve got the same values – jaw-droppingly good products and services at staggeringly good prices – we know where you’re coming from. We’re part of your team.



Nice To Meet You

We don’t work for you, we collaborate with you: the difference being that we’re not successful until you are. We offer guidance and advice on the best strategies for your business web presence, priced to suit your budget and individual needs.

We’re personable, hardworking and committed to presenting ourselves as incredibly as we’ll present you. With years of experience and a smorgasbord of testimony about the work we do, we’re the right choice if you like your helping hands to be as honest and flexible as they are talented.

Better than the risk you’ll take on a D-I-Y approach to your web presence, and not as costly, restrictive, or intimidating as one of those big, impersonal fancy-pants places, Dapper Veterinary Marketing is your solution for getting an online presence that cannot be ignored.


Be Seen.

We have been successful in delivering simple yet smart and professional looking website for the last 10 years. We make certain to impress your potential clients once they take a first glance of your website. Every website is made with the consideration of providing easy to navigate layout and the one that flows like a breeze.


Be Heard.

We offer customers targeted and customized search engine optimization (SEO) & paid marketing (Facebook Ads + PPC) to increase the amount of potential customers visiting your web site. Our traffic team will ensure your practice reaches your audience through the effective use of strategic marketing efforts.


Be Reviewed.

Using our platform, it’s simple and easy to implement an online review-gathering process that: converts happy customers into reviewers, recovers disgruntled customers and prevents negative reviews, monitors customer reviews across scores of third-party review sites in real-time, captures and amplifies positive reviews to reach a broader audience


Be Remembered.

Today, the most swiftly escalating type of marketing across the globe is “Social Media Marketing”. It not only promotes your brand but even gets you connected with different potential business clients through various socializing platforms such as Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and many more.

Keep ’em coming back

Today, the scenario has become exceedingly competitive and the need for understanding your prospective clients has become mandatory. We at Dapper Veterinary Marketing have developed some state of the art marketing models that get you connected with as many possible clients through customer centric content, which is easily shareable, consumable and available.

Systematically drive customers with email, print and SMS to one place that routes them to the review sites you care about. Increase the quality and quantity of your clients’ customer reviews by guiding happy clients through the process of completing a review. Give your clients a sense of control by recovering disgruntled customers offline.

We’re personable, hardworking and committed to presenting ourselves as incredibly as we’ll present you. With years of experience and a smorgasbord of testimony about the work we do, we’re the right choice if you like your helping hands to be as honest and flexible as they are talented.

What's Next?

Profit margins, overheads, staff costs, marketing calendars, remembering your anniversary and somehow finding time to brush your teeth: as a business owner you’ve got a lot going on. But you know what? You inspire us. You inspire us in our own business, and inspire us to deliver nothing less than the impeccable web services you deserve. We lighten your load, doing what we’re great at (making you look good online) so that you can focus on what you’re great at (helping as many pets and pet owners as possible).

Do You Want Big Budget Results At A Reasonable Price?

Our passionate team of designers, developers, and lead architects are always hard at work making sure you’ll get exactly what you need at a reasonable cost.

I could go on about how we are value focused and results oriented, but really, our biggest point of difference is that you’re going to get bang for your buck AND get the attention in your market. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

We have the most transparent pricing structure in our industry.

We like to be upfront from the get-go. Ask any client and they’ll tell you with Dapper Veterinary Marketing you always know what you’re up for, and you always know the cost upfront.

What Does A Digital Agency Know About Veterinary Practices?

Did you know our CEO, Kelly Gordon, was a Practice Manager for a feline practice and a small animal + exotics specialty surgery center for a number of years?

Growing up in Tryon, NC she was an active Pony Club member until she aged out at 21. She competed her beloved Thoroughbred, Stinger through Training Level eventing. Spending her summers riding around with her large animal veterinarian dreaming of the day she would become a vet herself.

One day she realized she loved the business side and excelled at the business side of veterinary practice to work her way up to practice manager.

After a number of years she realized that she could help more veterinary practices by taking her degree in computer programming and marketing (a decision she credits to her father) and reaching more practices and helping  veterinarians help more pets by starting a digital agency.

The rest as she says, is history.

What Kind Of Agency Is Dapper Veterinary Marketing?

Defenders of truth, justice and effective marketing, the Dapper Veterinary Marketing team is a diverse group of highly talented individuals all born with special marketing powers. Our mission: to save independently owned veterinary practices, one practice at a time.

Over ten years ago we heard cries of distress coming from beleaguered practices and decided to take action. Operating out of our office of solitude in Greenville, South Carolina, we make the most of cutting edge website design, social media, search marketing, and paid traffic marketing to help innocent practices defend themselves against villainous competition.

Comprised of the best and the brightest, each member of the Dapper Veterinary Marketing team is recognized for their love of the digital solar system and a drive to finish first. We recruited a new generation of strategic and creative digital leaders into our ranks. Our numbers grow as highly qualified professionals armed with fresh perspectives continue to join our cause.

What Are Your Core Services?

Dapper Veterinary Marketing is prepared to support your practices’ current online presence and marketing efforts while allowing you the freedom to more fully support your existing client base. While strategically attracting new clients by reaching your specific target market. In our ever-changing world of digital technology, Dapper Veterinary Marketing will show you how to expand your practice by integrating marketing and technology in a synergistic way.

Our core services are:

  • Online Reputation Management
  • Facebook Ads Marketing
  • Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing
  • Web Design & Development

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