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Dapper Veterinary Marketing offers practices targeted and customized search engine optimization (SEO) services to increase the amount of potential customers visiting your web site. Our SEO team will ensure your brand and company reach your audience through the effective use of strategic keywords specific to your practice.

Our elite SEO Solutions are tailored to your pracitces’ needs. We’ll analyze the results of our research and work with you to set specific goals that will guide our SEO team as we build your practice’s online traffic. Our thorough SEO process will efficiently and economically build brand awareness for your company.

Reach More Patients

Our highly skilled SEO team begins this important step in your practice’s online development by digging deep into your practice to understand what drives your current brand visibility. We’ll also strategically study your competition’s online presence to gain insight into your specific market share. Our SEO experts are motivated to conduct the research necessary to build the foundation that will make your potential clients take action.

We believe that a great online presence has web analytics software at its core. This will allow us to track what keywords & content are bringing your potential customers to your site, and on the flip side we’ll know what content isn’t resonating with your target market. Our experts know that relevent, shareable content increases web traffic and we know how to ensure search engines, like Google, can see the important information your site has to offer that will drive your web site’s search engine rankings.



Having a scale to measure success is vital. We often wonder, ‘If it’s not measureable, does it even exist?’. So we know how important measuring the success of your online presence is. With something as powerful as Google in the pockets of your potential customers it’s imperative to the success of your practice that we set goals and measure your practice’s SEO success against your metrics and your competitors metrics.

When we’re working on your practice’s SEO we will provide you with a link to a dashboard that allows you to monitor your practice’s website SEO rankings in real time. How cool is that?!


A Little SEO Humor

Have you ever heard the joke about SEO & Google?

Do you know where the best place is to hide a dead body?

….On the second page of Google.

(Gets us geeks everytime! hahaha)

But no really. When was the last time you went to the second page of Google when you were looking for a local business?



Results are the only thing that matters.

Helping More Pets By Helping More Vets.

Our Process

Our highly skilled SEO team has over 15 years of digital marketing experience. This experience coupled with our view of the digital marketing landscape has led to our unique way of approaching Search Engine Optimization for veterinary practices.

After our inital kick-off working together we dive right into the research. The research phase is geared not only to your practice specifically but the unique local landscape that your practice is operating in. Our strategy for SEO will depend on a number of factors, some of which include your practice’s geographic area, your cities population size, and your practice’s physical proximity to your competiton.

After the research phase we identify 3 main keywords that based on our research will add the most leverage. Leverage in this case meaning which keywords have the highest relevancy to your practice and garner the largest number of monthly views relative to your area. This is always unique to every practice. There is no one-size-fits-all here. The research and the keywords chosen are always unique to the practice’s we work with.

Once we have chosen the keywords. We follow our very specific checklist to begin working on your site. This list we will review together post the research & keyword identification phase. For the next 12 weeks we will be working methodocially and diligently to improve your local rankings with those specific keywords.

You will be provided a link to a dashboard that you can watch the improvement of your keywords in real time, from anywhere, including your cell phone inbetween patient visits. We know you’re busy- so it’s our goal to make this as easy and stress-free, while being as productive and effective as possible.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a beast of a topic to discuss. There is a ton of information available, some good, some not so good. We’re here to help you navigate that information while providing the highest quality service and skills available.

Dapper Veterinary Marketing is here to provide our clients with premium, results-driven SEO services. Our team of skilled SEO professionals are ready to fulfill your practice’s needs with our customized services.

What Is SEO?

SEO as it’s mostly referred is an acronym for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It’s one of the major spokes on the wheel of Digital Marketing. SEO is the practice of a combination of what’s called on-page & off-page optimization techniques that work together to essentially allow Google (and other search engines) to see the content of a site more easily which therefore allows Google the ability to send more targeted traffic to your website.

SEO as it is known as a whole is considered what we call a ‘long term game’. It is meant to be a cornerstone of a long term plan for a practice’s online digital strategy.

When potential customers type in keywords to Google, SEO ensures that the keywords most relevent to your practice are known to Google and therefore allows it to direct more relevent traffic to your practice’s website because of it.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are what your potential customers are typing into Google (or other search engines) to find local businesses that can solve their problem.

In your practice’s case it may be that your potential customer is looking for “local veterinarian” or “dog dentist” or “cat neuter” – the list goes on and on and on.

We could go into the intricaies of long tail and short tail keywords. Or how blog content can help drive potential customers to your site for pet education. Or the importance of integrating chat software on your website for your receptionists to be available.

Or you could pick up the phone and give us a call and let us help get those potential customers into your practice, today.

Why Does My Practice Need SEO?

You want the ‘down-to-earth’ answer right?

Your practice needs SEO so your practice is able to help more pets everyday.

Without SEO your potential customers & their pets could very well not even know you exist. Literally.

SEO is the cornerstone of an online presence. Without it you are not able to reach the pets that need you.

How Will I Know SEO Is Effective?

Great question!

If it can’t be measured – does it even exist? (We’ll let the philosophers ponder that one.)

Once we have begun working together we will provide you with a link to a dashboard that you can look at anytime you like, that will show you in real time, the position of the keywords that we are working on for you. This will allow you to keep a pulse on the progress of our SEO work together.

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