Veterinary Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is a bit like insurance coupled with an oil change. It’s one of those things that once you need it- you really really wish you had gotten it before your website crashes. Your staff are so busy taking care of patients and their families that taking the time to be sure to run diagnostics on the website to be sure it’s running properly is really just outside of their job description. We won’t even go into the training and education necessary to be able to run diagnostics on a website and perform the needed routine maintenance. But that’s OK. That’s why we’re here. Let us help give you some peace of mind that your website is out there working for you 24/7. (Because lets face it- it’s one of your most important employees!)

Website Speed.

Nothing kills a website’s conversion rate quite like a slow website. Did you know know that you have 3 seconds to capture your potential customer’s attention before they click away from your site? 3 seconds! Let’s not waste that precious time on website loading.

Website Security.

Did you know on average 30,000 websites get hacked every day? Every. Single. Day. Between seeing patients and managing your business and trying to remember your anniversary it’s safe to say your plate is already full. Let us help keep your website safe, secure, and working for you 24/7.

Website Migration.

Having issues with your current website set up or hosting provider? We’re happy to step in and help get your site organized and where it should be to do the heavy lifting for you online. We also offer website hosting specifically for our clients only. No big box providers here. Let us help.

Frequently Asked Questions


A website maintenance plan is a like the insurance and oil changes for your car. There are about 380 million websites in the U.S. About 30,000 websites are infected with some type of malware daily

Performing proper updates, maintenance, security patches, etc for websites is a very specialized skill that requires initial and ongoing training to stay at the forefront of the industry.

We have found that veterinary practice owners and practice managers have their plates full. Our Veterinary Website Maintenance & Security plans allow you and your team to stay focused on what you’re best at.


There really are few things worse than discovering that your website provider is not up to your standards. Trust us, we’ve been there and a number of our clients have contacted us in that situation. We’ve been there to support them and get them into a better situation for themselves (i.e. sanity) and their practice.

We’re here to support your practice if you need help with things like-

  • Making updates to your website
  • Making your website faster (we all know a business only has seconds to attract a potential client)
  • Moving your website from one server to another
  • A number of other unique situations people have brought to us 🙂


Reach out if you’re having an issue and we will help guide you in the right direction to solve it. Quickly.


We have 3 tiers of website maintenance packages. The following list is provided in our most popular veterinary website maintenance and security package.

  • WordPress core updates
  • Theme and Plugin updates
  • Database cleaning and optimization
  • Website caching implementation
  • Loading speed optimization
  • Security hardening and monitoring
  • Vulnerability checking and monitoring
  • Up-Time  monitoring – 1 MIN intervals
  • On-Site + Off-Site backups to CLOUD 
  • CDN implementation
  • DDoS attack protection
  • SSL certificate implementation (https://)
  • Up to 1 HOUR problem solving per site


Items that are covered under maintenance/update requests:

  • Text – Adding, updating or deleting any text on your website
  • Images – Adding, updating, resizing, cropping or deleting pictures on your website (provided by you)
  • Video – Adding, updating or deleting videos on your website (provided by you)
  • Links – Adding, updating or deleting links on your website
  • Files – Adding, updating or deleting any files or documents on your website (provided by you)
  • Pages – Creating new pages or blog posts (content provided by you)
  • Layouts – Design recommendations, Modifying existing layouts, Modifications to your logo, Modifcations to headers or footers

Did you know that 40% people abandon a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load!

Not only we will optimize your website speed, but we will also inform you about good practices and possible enhancements that will give your visitors a positive experience while on your website.

We perform the following actions to enhance your Website Speed and Google Page Speed Grades for better loading speed:

» Enabling Website Page Caching.
» Enabling Browser Caching.
» Enabling GZip Compression.
» HTML, CSS & JS Minification.
» JS, CSS Manual Combining. (May not work on all sites)
» Defer Parsing of Possible JavaScript Files
» Image Optimization, Scaling & Resizing using
» Enabling Keep-Alive & Vary PHP headers.
» Configuring ETags
» Database and Object Caching. (Only on VPS & Dedicated Servers)
» Setting up a Content Delivery Network. (Optional)

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